BlueOrange supports companies that foster inclusive and sustainable growth driven by strong risk adjusted returns.

As global environmental and social challenges persist, people are increasingly looking at business to play a role in creating sustainable growth. 



Strategic partnerships, local knowledge, and sustainability priorities.

Our investments will support high impact companies that deliver financial value and sustainable growth aligned to the SDG targets.



Experienced, connected, and focused.

As an organization, we have made a conscious choice to dedicate our energy towards meaningful progress in emerging markets. With deep institutional experience in transactions, deal structuring, and impact measurement, our team can make sustainable investing at scale a reality.



Principal Team


Bertrand Badré


Bertrand Badré is CEO and Founder of BlueOrange Sustainable Capital. Previously, Bertrand was Managing Director of the World Bank and World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining the World Bank Group, Bertrand was the group chief financial officer at Société Générale and Crédit Agricole. He represented these institutions at the FSB, G7 and G20. Bertrand also served as a member of President Jacques Chirac's diplomatic team where he was the President's deputy personal representative for Africa and as spokesman for the working group on new international financial contributions to fight poverty and fund development. Bertrand spent a total of seven years at Lazard, half as a partner in New York, and London, and then in Paris as managing director where he co-led the restructuring of Eurotunnel and focused on financial initiatives. He started his career in Paris as an inspector, then deputy head, of the auditing service of the French Ministry of Finance. Bertrand has served as director on a number of boards, including the Haulotte Group, a leading global manufacturer of aerial work platforms, and on the supervisory board of the leading European PE firm Eurazéo. He currently serves on the board of Wealth Simple, a Canadian Fintech in asset management and on the advisory board of the International Water Bank. He is the co-chair ofthe World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on International Governance, Public-Private Cooperation and Sustainable Development. Bertrand recently authored the book “Money Honnie, si la finance sauvait le monde?” to be published in English in 2017 under the title “Can Finance Save the World?” He has led the publication of several articles; namely “From Billions to Trillons: MDBs contributions to financing for development” and in 2004, wrote “Water” with Michel Camdessus, on finance and access to water, translated into Spanish and Portuguese. Bertrand is a graduate of ENA (Ecole Nationale d'Administration), SciencesPo (Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris), La Sorbonne and HEC business school (Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Paris.  He is a regular speaker and teacher at these institutions as well as at the universities of Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Princeton and Oxford.

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Amer Baig

Partner, Founder

Amer Baig is a Partner and Founder of BlueOrange Sustainable Capital.  Previously, Amer was senior adviser to the Managing Director of the World Bank Group and Chief Financial Officer. In this role, Amer worked on a broad range of finance and non-finance matters, including the development of new products, working on budget reform, restructuring the revenue model, and the development of the Global Infrastructure Facility, the Pandemic Emergency Facility, and the Financing for Development initiative which focused on partnering the public and private sector to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Prior to joining the World Bank Group in 2013, Amer was Managing Director, Head of Europe M&A at Standard Chartered, one of the world’s leading international banks.  Amer led the European office focused on cross-border transactions between Europe and Asia, Africa and the Middle East, working on a broad range of complex deals.  Before joining Standard Chartered, Amer was part of the Financial Institutions Group at Lehman Brothers and was a member of the investment banking team at Lazard.  Amer has served as a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Infrastructure which examined many of the issues faced by the sector, including the mobilization of public and private sector capital.  Amer is a graduate of Durham University, United Kingdom.

Suprotik Basu

Partner, Founder

Suprotik Basu is a Partner and Founder of BlueOrange Sustainable Capital.  Previously, Protik was Chief Executive Officer for the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy, philanthropist and Founder of Wesray Capital Corporation, Ray Chambers.    During his tenure as CEO of the Office, and prior to that as its Managing Director, Protik oversaw efforts to mobilize and deploy over $3.5 billion of resources to end deaths from malaria in Africa, and to improve child and maternal health in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.  Protik focused substantially on creative financing solutions and engaging the private sector to enable those solutions, for instance, through the use of backstop guarantees and engineering of interest-rate buy-downs on achievement of independently verified key results.   Prior to this role Protik was at the World Bank where he developed experience and expertise on healthcare and social sector financing as well as worked on project finance transactions, such as those focused on multi-country irrigation and agricultural development.   Protik currently serves on the Board, as well as the Finance and Audit committee, of Princess House Inc, a leading direct-selling company that seeks to expand economic opportunities for a largely female workforce across the United States.  He is also a Board member of Big Win Philanthropy, a major emerging UK and US foundation focused on the creation of improved livelihood and job creation in sub-Saharan Africa.  Finally, he serves as a Board member of the legal defense non-profit, Brooklyn Defender Services, and healthcare charities, Nutrition International, serving on its Finance and Audit committee, and the Global Business Coalition for Health.   Protik holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.  

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Emmanuelle Yannakis

CFO, Founder

Emmanuelle Yannakis is the CFO and Founder of BlueOrange Sustainable Capital.   Previously, Emmanuelle was member of the Executive Committee of LCL (French retail network of Credit Agricole SA) in charge of Finance & Retail and Corporate Credit.  Prior to joining LCL, Emmanuelle was corporate secretary at Credit Agricole Assurances (1st Bank insurer in Europe and 2nd in France) where she was in charge of corporate governance, risk management, strategy and innovation, and digital. She has also been head of accounting and group consolidation in the group finance division of Credit Agricole SA and Chief Financial Officer of Pacifica (Property & Casualty insurance company of Credit Agricole Group), where she was also responsible for actuarial affairs and reinsurance. She began her career as a tax adviser in the accounting firm Arthur Andersen International and as financial auditor during seven years in the Financial Services Industry (FSI) division of Arthur Andersen. Emmanuelle has represented Crédit Agricole on the boards - and was often member of Audit Committees - of a number of their subsidiaries in the banking and insurance sector. She was also a member of the Board of Directors, Audit Committee, and President of the Nomination, Remuneration and Governance Committee of ADP (Aeroport de Paris). She has also taught masters classes at University Panthéon-Assas on tax and accounting.  Emmanuelle is a post degree graduate of the University Paris-Dauphine (Paris IX) in Corporate tax and of University Panthéon-Assas (Paris II) in Corporate and Business Law. She also has the legal qualification to practice as a barrister in France (CAPA).

Blair Miller

Managing Director, Founder

Blair Miller is a Managing Director and Founder of BlueOrange Sustainable Capital.  Previously, Blair was Vice President for the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy, philanthropist and Founder of Wesray Capital Corporation, Ray Chambers.  During her tenure she led the office’s efforts to mobilize private sector capital and develop innovative financing models to address global health challenges.  Specifically she supported the development of two multi-million dollar health focused funds with philanthropists in Nigeria and India. Prior to joining the office of Ray Chambers, Blair focused her career on building and supporting socially responsible businesses and investment firms in emerging markets.  During this time she worked with Reservoir Capital, a $7.5B private equity fund, and also served as a venture partner at Learn Capital, an education technology fund.  Blair spent her early career at Acumen Fund, an impact investment fund working in Latin America, India, Pakistan, and East and West Africa.  Blair serves on numerous boards including AfricaInvest a forum based in New York City focused on increasing US investments in Africa, the Africa Center, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, multidisciplinary institution, providing a gateway for engagement with contemporary Africa, and Venture for America, committed to developing the next generation of American entrepreneurs. Blair was awarded a senior fellowship at Yale University lecturing on Impact investing and is a term member at the Council on Foreign Relations.  Blair holds an MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia.

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